The Requirement and Quality
of a Fresh Product

Quality Department
Respect of traditions and know-how

Located in the heart of the leading production basin in France, we benefit from an exceptional phenomenon: our coastlines are washed by the strongest tides in Europe.
The water is constantly renewed, thereby causing a dynamic flow of phytoplankton allowing the shellfish to grow in very high quality water.

European Regulations act as reference for strict respect of the production conditions requiring faultless internal organisation based on application of the HACCP method. They are even extended to hygiene rules issued by countries such as Russia and some eastern countries.

The Quality Policy is based on implementation of restricting operational procedures to guarantee the quality of the living and cooked shellfish and crustaceans to be shipped.
Our conduct is sometimes also governed by the requirements of our own customers, through specifications which are checked through the implementation of external audits.

A traceability system is set up to accurately track the history of incoming and outgoing products.

Technical equipment includes a large number of sensors and recorders to manage and validate the production parameters or react in case of malfunctions.

The products undergo various inspections during every production step.
These daily inspections primarily concern the freshness, size and attractiveness of our products.

The correct overall operation of the department is adapted further to audits and system reviews to guarantee its expected reliability.

A bacteriological and physico-chemical analysis programme guarantees the healthiness of the products shipped. Further analyses are conducted to detect heavy metals or radionuclides.

The production structures are improved on a regular basis in order to carry out preventive maintenance and guarantee the hygiene of our equipment.
The Official Departments conduct spot checks of the production site.

The Quality Department is composed of the Quality Assurance Manager and his assistant.
An internal laboratory measures the hygiene of the Blainville-sur-Mer site.

Our Resources
an efficient industrial tool

Kermarée has acquired an industrial tool capable of meeting the requirements of its profession as converter and dispatcher.

The Blainville-sur-Mer site extends over a total area of 9312 m² including a covered area of 2908 m², 2566 m² for the operating building, and 342 m² for the packaging storage areas.
The cold storage areas occupy about 1200 m², with 364 m³ below zero.

A stock of specialised equipment and machines is renewed according to an investment schedule, which includes:

Two operators carry out maintenance to guarantee perfect control of the production processes.

The shellfish purification process is conducted according to regulatory principles using efficient means for optimised protection mussel, manila clam, clam and cockle consumers.

Pools with large quantities of oxygenated seawater are equipped with a skimmer to remove bacteria in suspension and a current accelerator to reproduce the conditions of life in the sea.



For several years, Kermarée has relied on the seafood transport specialists (Express Marée, Delanchy, Tradimar-TFE, TSM, ...) to deliver its products everywhere in France and abroad.

Kermarée has its own fleet of refrigerated lorries for procurements.


Shellfish production equipment

Kermarée has a fleet of tractors, trailers, barges, elevators, etc.
Production and conversion of sea food in Normandy
Whelks, Bouchot pole mussels, Brown crabs, Prawns, ...
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