The Requirement and Quality
of a Fresh Product

the best producers and fishermen

To meet the requirements of our customers, Kermarée selects and sets up partnerships with the best producers and fishermen to guarantee regular deliveries of oysters, mussels, whelks and other shellfish and crustaceans.

A large network of producers

Kermarée works with the following suppliers:


Kermarée's production

Kermarée operates oyster and mussel breeding areas including one located on the Channel Island of Jersey, as well as two whelk fishing boats.


Kermarée purchasing department selects the suppliers according to various criteria and chooses the best.

Jointly with the purchasing department, the quality department performs regular checks on the catches and evaluates the products every day, in order to set up partnerships with "Moule de Bouchot" certified producers.

Production and conversion of sea food in Normandy
Whelks, Bouchot pole mussels, Brown crabs, Prawns, ...
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