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Oyster story...

Enjoy an aperitif with Kermarée and discover the Noisette oyster with the regionís star Chef: Philippe Hardy.

The oyster, small in size but big in taste, will awaken your taste buds.

Bred in the "open sea" on the west coast of the Cotentin, it benefits from a prodigious Normandy environment. Exposed to the sea winds, washed by the strongest tides in Europe and refined on the Lower Normandy intertidal zone.

The Noisette oyster is nourished with plankton giving it a rich and deliciously marine flesh.

Discover the Cocktail oyster recipes of our chef Philippe Hardy

Spinach Mascarpone sauce

Heat the spinach with the cream, chop up the onion, melt the butter
Add parsley flower
Deglaze with the cream
Blend and put aside to cool
Put in whipping siphon

Merguez cream

Heat 1/4 of the cream, cut the merguez into small pieces.
Add to the cream and allow to infuse for 10 min covered.
Filter and put aside to cool.
Add the rest of the cream, allow to cool.
Put in whipping siphon.

Some photos of Noisette oysters

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